Thanks to everyone who entered this year! You gave our judges a difficult time with the quality of entries.

The winners and highly commended entries for 2020 are:

Section:                                Solar System

Winner:                               Niall MacNeill – 3 of the 4 big moons of Jupiter

Highly Commended:        György Soponyai- Analemma of the Moon

Section:                               Warrumbungle Nightscape Widefield

Winner:                               Peter Abery – Moonset from Whitegum Lookout

Highly Commended:        Andrew Davis – Milky Way Over the Dome

Section:                               Night Sky Widefield                       

Winner:                               Paul Mayo – 20200720 EOS R 5×180 v1 copy

Highly Commended:        Jan Breckwoldt – Barrenjoey Lighthouse Star-Trails

Section:                               Open Deep Space           

Winner:                               Rodney Watters – NGC4038 Antenna Galaxies

Highly Commended:        Diego Colonnello – Wide Orion RGB

Section:                                Smartphone Astrophotography  

Winner:                               Balazs Benei – Phases of Venus

Highly Commended:        Balazs Benei – ISS Lunar Transit

Section:                                Youth

Winner:                               Kallan Strong – Fire under the Galaxy

Highly Commended:        Luke Dodd – The Island in the Sea of Stars